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Yarn Bombing

Random objects covered with yarn or other fibers.


What is Marbufs?

Marbufs is an individual by the name of Buffy that creates by using yarn, fabric, and other strands with her crochet hooks. Buffy started the company Marbufs in November 2013 with a vision to share her gift. Buffy’s plan is to change crochet fashion with traditional stitches and new wave style with underlying mathematical structure.



Buffy does not use any patterns when making any of these items she designs. She crochets on a whim as she calls it. At Marbufs they do feature other creative designers that manipulate thread, yarn, and other material with their crochet hook and knitting needles. You may see apparel with Marbufs embellished on it to share the pledge Buffy has committed to her works of art.

You can contact Marbufs at
You can find Marbufs on the following social media
Twitter @buff_bosslady | Snapchat @marbufs
Instagram @marbufs | Flickr @marbufs
Pinterest @marbufs storenvy | Facebook @marbufs
Youtube Marbufs Yarnbomber

Crocheted Interventions display at PHL Airport

Terminal A East International - Exhibit on display through 3-5-2018

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Marbufs Display at PHL Airport
Marbufs Display at PHL Airport
Wrap around scarf



Philadelphia Airport Gallery

Yarnbombing in Vegas

Yarnbombing in Los Cabos


Yarn Bombing:

1 A type of street art using yarn covering objects most of the time its around public items.

2 Wrapping yarn around objects

Check out some of my yarn bombing!